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Meeting Linda Ashman

The Bookies is a bookstore in Denver that I don’t often frequent due to the fact that I love The Tattered Cover so much and The Bookies is in a part of town I don’t find myself in very often. I do get their newsletter, mostly for curiosity’s sake and to know when they do their amazing sidewalk sales. When the September newsletter came and it said that Linda Ashman, children’s book author who I’ve raved about in the past, would be signing books there on a day when I was also going to be within a few miles of the store, I couldn’t pass it up.

We arrived ten minutes early for the signing, but Linda Ashman was already there, ready and waiting to sign some children’s books. My mother-in-law gave each of my youngest three daughters a book of hers for their birthdays this year, so we brought those along to get them signed. Some of my girls were more timid than the others, but Ashman was so cute with each of them. My six-year-old had questions about being an author and they chatted a bit about ideas and where they come from. Ashman had a copy of the preliminary sketches the illustrator did for her new book, Creaky Old House, which I found fascinating. She and I talked a bit about writing and the publishing process and she was delightful and interesting.

Ashman’s husband and son were there too and my husband and I chatted with Jackson, her son, about his favorite books and his interests. Jackson blogs about his favorite books and I was totally impressed that this eleven-year-old could express himself in writing so well. My poor kids will now have extra pressure from their mom to do more writing. I thought it was sweet that her family would be there to support her while she did signings.

The whole encounter was such fun and now we have a copy of Creaky Old House, which is just as charming as her other books. My only regret is that I didn’t buy Come to the Castle as well, but there’s always next time.


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3 responses to "Meeting Linda Ashman". Comments are closed for this post.
  • Annie of Blue Gables says:

    Now I feel horribly bad that I didn't get Madelyn a book as well. She mentioned that to me, and I told her that I had made her a quilt for her bday. I also thought she might be too old for this, but I think not. I hope you bought her a book to have Linda sign. . . I wish I'd known, I would have sent you money to buy her a book. boo hoo.
    I'm glad you got to meet her. I think that is really fun.

  • Caren says:

    Oh that sounds like so much fun! I'm glad that she was so gracious with you and your kids. And now I've got a couple more books to watch for!

  • Linda Ashman says:

    Hi, Jenny. Thanks so much for the kind words and, even more, for coming to The Bookies (it would have been very lonely there without you guys!). I enjoyed talking with you and Mike, and your daughters are delightful. Hope to see you again–Linda