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The Horn Book’s Best for 2010

Ah, I love this time of year. Aside from the festivities, I love all the Best of the Year lists that come out. It’s so nice to find out what I have missed out on all year long and will spend the next year frantically trying to catch up on. Overwhelming, but nice.

I get The Horn Book’s newsletter every month and carefully pore over its information on the latest and best children’s books. They do author interviews, mostly of prominent names in the children’s book world, and have great resources for parents and teachers. Rarely do I delve deep into all that Horn Book has to offer simply because there is not enough time in the world, people.  I have to get my laundry done some time.

This month’s issue had the best of 2010 list and since I trust The Horn Book’s opinion, or the people who write the newsletter, you know, whatever, I felt it necessary to carefully read through it with the faint hope that I had read at least one book on the list.  Yes, I had read one book.  One book on the entire list.  I am so ashamed.  I used to be so much more on top of things.  I used to blog about children’s books, for cryin’ out loud.  I used to blog regularly!  So embarrassing.  There’s always next year and a new start.

I entrust this list to your hands, in the hope that you will read some of these books despite my utter lack of endorsement.  If the Horn Book says they’re great, I’m sure they are, but believe me, I would rather have read every single one of them and told you personally how great they are.  This will be my resolution for 2011, to read and blog about children’s books more often.  I love them and I love writing about them, so I will do better.  If I write it down and people read it, they can pester me about it and thus force me into doing what I promise.  Or that’s my reasoning.

Check out the list and I’ll post more Best lists as I find them.  You can always use more book ideas, right?


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  • princess jen says:

    Wow, I had read two of them. It’s a good list too. I am especially interested in some of the historical ones and I think Anya would like to read Ting and Ling.