For the love of books

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Caren and I haven’t written much in the last, oh, several months.  It’s been a turbulent year for both our families and the dust-covered website is evidence of how little of our time has been available for writing reviews.  There have been many times that I’ve wondered why I’m bothering to keep this up at all with how neglected it’s become, but every time I decide to throw in the towel, I remember why I started it in the first place.  I just love books so darn much and writing about them is fun.

I know I might be sending this out in to the void, since many readers probably have long since abandoned our empty site for more fertile and frequent writers, but I’d love to know what books you love.  Ones that you’d recommend to people you like.  Ones that you’d want in your house in case zombies invade your town and you can’t leave except for scavenging trips to the landfill.  Ones that made you realize that you love to read.  Or just give me the highlights of your book clubs latest choices.  Give me something.  I need to be reminded that there are other book lovers out there and that it’s worth writing about.  It might motivate me to get off my lazy bum and write something.


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9 responses to "For the love of books". Comments are closed for this post.
  • Ashley says:

    Don’t stop this blog! I love reading your recommended stuff!

    One of my favorite reads this year was “How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming” by Mike Brown. Dumbed down science, and funny too. I am rereading it now.

    A new (to me) author had two I read and enjoyed this year: Jessica Day George’s “Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow” and “Princess of the Midnight Ball” retold some not as well known fairytales. My two favorites, even.

    Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother was eye opening and made me think. Rules by Cynthia Lord is good too. I love Ella Minnow Pea. The Ralph Moody series was really fun. Little House, Matilda, Scarlet Pimpernell, Peter and the Starcatchers, Mysterious Benedict Society, Count of Monte Cristo, Three Musketeers, How we decide by Jonah Lehrer, The Wizard of Oz, anything Orson Scott Card, The Great and the Terrible series by Chris Stewart, the Work and the Glory, Fishers of Men, Harry Potter!!!

    What would I do if I couldn’t escape into someone elses world and then come back to the one I love?

  • Rachel says:

    Fellow Book Lover here. Please don’t quit. I love it when you gals post your reviews, even sporadically. And thanks to the magic of Google Reader I don’t have to check every day, pining. I can just be pleasantly surprised.

    Now, on to the books.

    Some of my favorite books that I have read in the last two years (I just happen to have my trusty book journal right here. You’re lucky I keep track of these things.) include: The Hunger Games series (natch), Run, The Book Thief, These Is My Words, The Graveyard Book and Anansi Boys (I’m in love with Neil Gaiman), The Wednesday Wars & Okay For Now, When You Reach Me, and 84 Charring Cross Road.

    A few books that are my best friends: Remains of the Day (I was ASTOUNDED that someone could write that well), East of Eden, Persuasion, the entire Georgia Nicholson series, Hope Was Here, Good Omens (again with Neil Gaiman), A Tale of Two Cities, and Blue Castle.

    Yay Books!

  • Jamie says:

    Nope. I’m not giving my book recommendations here. Jenny, you know that pretty much all of the books I read come from recommendations you give me! I’m just jotting a note here to encourage you because, hey, people are still reading.

  • Beth says:

    I’m still reading here! And I really like this blog!

    I wholeheartedly second Ashley’s “How I Killed Pluto.” I found it fascinating. It had plenty of science but also a whole ton of other stuff: some mystery, some romance, etc.

    I’m excited to read some of the other recommendations from the comments! (My to-read list is already a mile long, though!)

    I just did a recap of books I loved during 2011 over on my blog. Here’s what I came up with:

    My Five-Star Favorites: How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming; Les Miserables (I read the Barnes and Noble abridged version — it was about 850 pages); The Indifferent Stars Above (nonfiction about the Donner Party); Unbroken (another nonfiction and crazy-amazing); Charlotte’s Web

    And some other good books: Moonraker’s Bride (romance with a gothic feel to it); The Agony and the Ecstasy (fictional biography of Michelangelo); 84, Charing Cross Road (a short read for book-lovers); Standing in the Rainbow by Fannie Flagg; While We’re Far Apart by Lynn Austin; The Wednesday Wars (oh, you must try that one out — I think you’d really get a kick out it! I see Rachel recommended it, too!)

    I hope you’ve had some time to read even if you haven’t had much time to blog!

  • Rachel says:

    Georgia Nicholson series, of course. I’m loving the No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency books. Pride and Prejudice, for when I’m feeling a little sappy (assuming the zombies have left me alone long enough to feel sappy). A book I tend to go back to is Beauty, by Robin McKinley. As you can see, my choices are all light-hearted. It’s best to keep cheerful when zombies are on the loose.

  • Sailor says:

    Ok, I know that Cam and Mitchell probably love it too, but I really like ‘Gone With The Wind’ , not so much for the lavish descriptions of Scarlet’s gowns as for the really great character development and detailed description of life at that time. It always sucks me in.

  • Caren says:

    This is your equally neglectful partner speaking. I say, “No giving up.” I can’t promise that 2012 will be any less crazy than 2011, but I am confident that we’ll figure it out. Nothing wrong with a little blog evolution, right?

  • Katie says:

    Continue PLEASE!!
    This Bibliophile NEEDS your blog!!!!!

  • Jenny says:

    Alright, folks. I’ve got the How I Killed Pluto book on my nightstand and so many more of these books written on my list. It’s funny how I needed some recommendations, considering that this is a blog about book recommendations. Har.

    And thanks for all the encouragement! It is helping.