Book #2: The 21 Day Sugar Detox

I just went through a mental argument, telling myself that a cookbook shouldn’t count toward my 100 book goal, but then reminding myself that I read cookbooks cover to cover, so therefore it counts.  Then I told myself that it’s lame to blog about it, but I told that Negative Nellie voice to get over myself and just write something down, you stinker.  I’m very nice to my inner critic, as you can see.

Reading cookbooks is part of my repertoire because figuring out what to eat has become a big part of my life.  I’ve had some health problems for the last four years that make some foods problematic, so I’ve slowly figured out how to eat well, healthfully and deliciously and not get sick.  I like not being sick.  A paleo diet is the closest thing to my optimal diet, though I still struggle with a few foods, so most cookbooks in the last year have been focused on that.

Typically, I eat pretty well and limit my sugar, since it’s inflammatory and makes me feelpretty rotten, but it’s also right after the holidays and I was not diligent.  I’m feeling it now!  Time for a reboot of my system.  Enter The 21 Day Sugar Detox by Diana Sanfilippo.

This isn’t a review of the diet, but of the book itself.  A good cookbook can be read cover to cover and be enjoyable reading, not just because the food looks delicious, but because it takes you on a journey through the recipes.  As typical for cookbooks in this particular genre (the paleo autoimmune kind), it begins with author Diana Sanfilippo’s story of health and healing through diet.  I always like to read that portion because it gives me hope that poor health won’t always be my story.  She follows that up with what your body does with sugar, and why doing a detox helps to reset your taste buds and curb sugar cravings.  The science behind things interests me too.  I’d rather not waste my time on fads, but rather try to adopt new ways to feel better.

The clincher is whether or not I’d make the recipes in the cookbook.  I’ve done a Whole30 before, and while I found it to be very beneficial, I don’t like their cookbooks.  I had better luck following the principles and finding other cookbook authors who I do like that also have Whole30 compliant recipes.  These recipes look delicious and are ones I would try.  Again, I haven’t actually tried them, but I would.  Heh.

The last thing I’d mention is that if you’ve done a Whole30, this looks harder, but since the purpose behind it is to retrain your tastebuds, it makes sense.  The Whole30 allows all kinds of fruit, but a 21 Day Sugar Detox eliminates all sugars, sweeteners and fruits other than underripe bananas, green apples, lemons and limes and those in moderation.  But hey, it’s only for three weeks, right?

I had this realization one day that following these kinds of alternative diets, like paleo or autoimmune protocol is super bizarre to the general observer.  It’s like being obsessed with an obscure sport, like curling.  You know all the best players, all the stats on each game, who wins the championship every year, every detail.  And then when you mention to someone that you love curling and can’t wait for the big game, they say, “What the heck is curling?” and you realize that you live in a different universe than they do.

Trying out a diet like the 21 Sugar Detox is the curling of eating.  I’m at peace with that, since leaving the Standard American Diet has saved my health, but to anyone who has never thought of not eating grains it would seem insane.  That’s what Sanfilippo is counting on so she offers three levels of following the diet, the easiest being keeping in several foods that will make the transition easier.  Smart.  And maybe that’s enough for most people to beat sugar cravings.  That makes the book even more applicable to the general public.

It’s a win.  I’m trying it out in a  few weeks.  Meanwhile, I’m going to eat some very ripe bananas, piles of berries and a few dates to round it out.

Goodreads rating: 4 stars


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