100 Book Challenge, Kids

Book #4: The City of Ember

Er, I know I’ve already read this book and even reviewed the entire series here, but since this counts toward my 100 book tally, I’m totally going to do a post about it.

This time around, I read The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau to my ten-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son. They knew nothing about the story, having missed the last round when my older kids read it.  It was so delightful to experience this story through their eyes and watch the suspense mount while the mystery unfolded.  This was a great reminder to me that re-reading classics is so valuable.  I got more out of this reading than I had the previous time.

Gladys Hunt talks about using books as a medium to have important conversations with your kids in her book, Honey for a Teen’s Heart.  I’ve reviewed that book here, and can highly recommend it, especially if you don’t yet have teens and want to create this culture in your home.  No matter the ages of your kids, it’s worth reading.  The City of Ember addresses some interesting topics, like the dangers of ignorance, injustice from governments, the temptation to be selfish, dealing with dementia, and hosts of other things.  You can go pretty deep in this book, but it doesn’t feel preachy.  The people in this city are there for a reason that saved their lives, but because their history has been taken from them, they don’t have the tools to save themselves.  For my youngish kids, getting irate about the Mayor of Ember and talking about why what he was doing was wrong was a great platform.

It’s a winner, my friends.  Give it a try.  The first book is worth it, even if the following books don’t live up to the first.

Goodreads rating: four stars for the cliff-hanger ending, but otherwise five stars.



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