Book #18: Isaiah for Airheads

I’ve never read a John Bytheway book before, but his book Isaiah for Airheads, caught my eye while I was in Deseret Book in Portland.  I always thought his books were geared toward teens but after reading the blurb on the back, I knew this book was just right for me.

Reading Isaiah is either a beautiful poetic experience or a massive stumbling block for me.  I’ve had times where reading from Isaiah feels like the heavens had opened and it was clear to me, but I have had more times where it was just reading gibberish.  I was excited to see what Bytheway could say on how to read it so I could increase my poetic experiences and lessen the gibberish ones.

The first part of the book explains the layers of Isaiah and how to read it from a large perspective down to a minute word-by-word analysis.  I say analysis, but it’s so approachable and easy to understand that he made Isaiah feel not nearly as complex.  I studied it in the order of chapters he recommended, reading the 2 Nephi chapters, then reading the Bytheway explanation right after.  It took me about six weeks of reading most weekday mornings to get through the chapters in the Book of Mormon followed by the Bytheway explanation.  I enjoyed having my scripture study more fleshed out and would love to try it again with other scripture commentaries.  The conversational tone, the well-researched commentary and the guided study were worth the effort of a little more time spent studying.

Goodreads rating: 4 stars


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