Book #21: Holding Fast

After finishing Isaiah for Airheads, I was ready for another supplement to scripture study. I saw this one on Goodreads and it peaked my interest.  I love Amazon’s used book selection and I’m certain it’s enabling my book buying addiction, but Holding Fast by Robert Millet was worth it.  In fact, I might buy copies to give away as well.

Geared specifically toward LDS readers, the subtitle sums up the book perfectly: Dealing with Doubts in the Latter Days. None of us are free from doubt at times and this is a manual on how to deal with it.  I love his no-shame approach (thank you, Brene Brown, for giving me the skills to recognize that), and also his collection of tools on how to deal with doubts when they come.  Not if, when. In Millet’s 30 years as a religious educator at Brigham Young University, he’s had a ton of experience dealing with people’s doubts, including his own.

My favorite tool so far is what Millet calls The Shelf.  When you have a question that you cannot find an answer to, place it on a mental shelf.  This is after you’ve studied and sought answers and the answers haven’t come.  When you have new knowledge, revisit the question, pull it down from the shelf and compare it to what you know now.  There’s nothing wrong with having that question and Millet says most of his questions have eventually been answered, but some remain on the shelf.  There are other great tools and strategies, which deserve a re-read to stick in my mind as well as the shelf one, but I never thought it was trite or that he treated doubt like it was a sign of flawed character.

Worth a re-read, worth a discussion with friends and family, worth having in my back pocket for when I deal with questions of my own or my loved ones, it was a great supplement to my scripture study.

Goodreads rating; 5 stars


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