Book #29: Zombie Kid

The things we do for our kids, right?  Like reading Zombie Kid by J. Scott Savage out loud to them because their older sister picked a “girly” book.  No offense to Savage, who impressed me at the LTUE conference, because I’m sure his other less bathroom-humor-oriented books are excellent.  This one tested my patience.

Despite the gross-out jokes and general prepubescent-boys-being-themselves-ness of it all, it was a fun story with a smart plot.  Nick, Angelo and Carter are friends who love Halloween, but Nick gets pulled away to Louisiana at the last minute because his great-aunt has passed away.  Through a series of spooky events, he ends up with an amulet that has turned him into a zombie.  The three friends think it’s awesome and use that development to torment a bully and pull some pranks.  It’s fun until they realize it might not be reversible.

The storytelling is actually pretty good and the plot twists and characters kept me interested despite not being Savage’s target audience.  My eight-year-old son was absolutely riveted and would beg me to read more, which just shows that Savage knows what he’s going.  My son could have just read it to himself, but he preferred me being a part of the experience.  I’m glad I was and it was worth reading aloud, but he’s on his own for the rest of the series.

Goodreads rating: 3 stars.  Too many fart jokes, thank you very much.


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