Book #30: Time Jumpers

In order of my favorite Brandon Mull series, #1 The Beyonders, #2 Fablehaven, #3 The Candy Shop Wars, #4 Five Kingdoms.  I know, it’s sacrilege not to have Fablehaven as #1, but that’s just how much I love The Beyonders series.  Having Five Kingdoms at the bottom of the list doesn’t imply that it’s bad, just not my favorite.  It was definitely fun to read aloud as a family each book as they came out, but by the fifth book, I just wasn’t as invested in the characters as I expected to be.  The ending was cool, I was glad we read it, but it didn’t grip me like the other books did.  I suspect I probably need to read it through again since a few of the books were read while I was pregnant, sick, or exhausted.  I was mentally checked out for part of the series, and I think that affected how much I engaged with the story.  I remember loving the first book, was still hanging in there for the second, but books 3-5 are mostly lost to me.

The magic system was cool, the fantastic world-building was a real highlight, but I think I better read the series again to see if it gets bumped up the list.  The love interests were only meh, but most of the characters were fun to read.

Goodreads rating: 3 stars, but I suspect it’ll bump up to 4 after a re-read.


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