100 Book Challenge

Challenge Update

I went to Goodreads this morning to make sure my records lined up with what I’ve read and what I’ve blogged about thus far and the website cheerfully reminded me that I’ve read 50 books.  And, ahem, that I’m 22 books behind schedule.  “I know, Goodreads!” I shouted at my laptop. “Shut up about it already!” I maybe not have handled that very well.

So far I’ve blogged about 30 of those 50 books, but the drafts for all the rest are sitting in my drafts folder, reminding me that I’m behind on that as well.  Why are computers such nags about this whole thing?  Oh yeah, because I asked them to nag me about it.

I just gave myself a little pep talk, so it’s going to be okay.  “Remember how last year your challenge was to read 50 books total and now you’ve already done that by September?  That was awesome.  You can do this. Even if you don’t make it to 100, you’ve still dared greatly and done something you’ve never done before.”

Unfortunately, my brain likes to talk to itself.*

“Are you saying I can’t do this?  That I can’t make it to 100?  Then why did you suggest this in the first place?  Do you like to watch me FAIL??!!?”

“No, no, that’s not what I’m talking about.  Of course you can do this!  I’m just saying it’s also okay if you don’t make it because what you did was really amazing, even if you don’t make it to one hundred.”

“Oh, well you should give me my participation trophy right now and call it good, then.  What if I had only read three books?  Would you have justified not accomplishing your goal then? Huh??”

“You’re being needlessly dramatic.  Come on.  Three books is vastly different than 50+ books.  Let’s keep it in perspective.”

“I don’t like your condescending tone.  Fine.  I’ll quit sleeping for the next three months so I can read all 100 books and show you it can be done.”

“Great.  Glad you listened to reason.”

“Sarcasm isn’t helping.”


“Look who’s talking.”

It’ll be okay.  Failure is not reading 100 books, but I can handle failure and I will learn from it.  And if I do manage to read 100, I’ll have accomplished something amazing.  Back to it.


*Events have been dramatized for effect.  My brain doesn’t actually hold two-sided conversations.  Most of the time.


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