Book #34 Getting Back to Happy

I bought a copy of Getting Back to Happy: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Reality, and Turn Your Trials Into Triumphs by Marc Chernoff hoping to find some new tools for dealing with depression and anxiety.  Our family has been dealing with these issues for years and what I read from Marc’s blog with his wife, Angel, told me they had insightful things to say on the topic.  Having dealt with their own traumas and mental health over the years won them some credibility in my eyes.  It was definitely an impulse buy, since I did no research into best books on this topic, but not an entirely bad one.

The thing with self-help books is that they need to be good enough that the wisdom I learn from them stay with me long after I read it and beg to be implemented immediately.  I can think of a dozen books like that for me, but this one didn’t stay with me.  I think the biggest takeaway from it was learning more about mindfulness, a trending topic that I don’t fully understand.  It did instill a desire to do more with that, but most of the other information wasn’t terribly novel or new to me.  Just reiterating what Covey says even better in 7 Habits, for instance.

That said, I fully believe that authors need to say the same things in their own words because not every reader is going to be reached by just one author.  And viewpoints change, even if principles don’t.  So I’m glad Chernoff is doing good work with his blog and books, it just wasn’t the right fit for me.

Also, I never once dog-eared a page or underlined a passage.  That’s a bad sign.  And sometimes I couldn’t grasp what he was trying to say.  I have that issue with his blog sometimes too, so I wasn’t surprised when I had that problem with the book.  I’ll probably take this one to my local used bookstore for credit, unless someone in my family objects.

Goodreads rating: 3 stars



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