Book #38: 100 Cupboards

In this great big world, there are more books than I can possibly ever read, though I’m sure gonna give it a try.  I’m grateful for people out there who are digging through the piles and finding the gems.  Sarah Mackenzie, whose books I’ve reviewed here and here and whose blog I regularly read, is a pile digger and I trust her selections.  One day I was perusing the shelves at my local used bookstore when a title popped out at me.  I thought to myself, “I think that’s a book from ‘The Read-aloud Family’,” and sure enough it was.  I grabbed the copy I found and started reading it the next day.  Sarah didn’t fail me with 100 Cupboards by N. D. Wilson.

Henry York is on his way to Henry, Kansas to stay with his aunt and uncle until his parents come home from their vacation to Central America.  No one knows when they’ll be back, though, since they were abducted on the trip.  But that’s not the only strange thing happening to Henry.  While staying in the attic room, mysterious sounds come from the wall and when Henry wakes up with plaster on his face, he started to peel back the layers on the wall to discover more.  What he finds is cupboard doors leading to strange places and the strange people behind them.  Some of them seem fascinating, but some should never be opened at all.

It’s all very mysterious and exciting, as you can imagine, and my kids loved it as a read-aloud.  I was so wrapped up in the story that I would try to keep reading even when my mouth and throat were sore.  The only drawback is that it’s obviously meant to be a series, which means not all our loose ends were tied up by the end.  We bought the second book but have yet to start it, though I don’t know why.  I think too much time has passed since we read it, so I might have to stir up some interest again with my kids so we can find out what happens next.

Goodreads rating: 5 stars.  I have no complaints and would definitely recommend it.



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