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Winding down

There are 17 days left in 2018.  I’ve written posts for 67 books, and I have 8 more books queued up.  I’ll probably finishing writing those posts this weekend, but I’m cheating and bundling a few of them that are closely related.  That means I’ll have read and written about 75 books this year.  I will probably squeeze in a book or two before the end of the year because my time for reading will exponentially grow during the 10-ish days I’ll have off from work, school, and responsibilities other than feeding and caring for the people in my house.  I’ll write those posts right after because I’m super over trying to write posts about books I read six months ago.  Procrastination is the worst.

One thing I’ve noticed in the last week or so since I decided to get caught up is that it got easier and easier to write as I kept going.  I was writing in fits and spurts before and it was like swimming through molasses. Then I’d start to dread writing because I would associate it with being painful.  None of this writing was very good and chances are if I had an audience I would likely go back and edit and revise and revise some more.  But I didn’t bother.  I just dumped it out of my brain as quick as my fingers could fly and called it good.

I’ve come to realize that this reading challenge was more of a writing challenge.  Reading isn’t a challenge for me.  Reading 100 books was obviously a challenge and, ultimately, one I failed at, but I don’t feel any regret.  I had some great mentoring through some incredible books and I’ll keep utilizing that resource for years to come.  I learned about what blocks me in my reading and what hampers my writing.  After reading so many five star books this year, I’ve also come to realize how sorry of a writer I am.  I mean, I didn’t have any delusions of grandeur or anything, but I feel like my eyes have been opened even more as to what good writing looks like.  Over the last year, I’ve tried my hand at writing outside of this blog, but usually inspired by what I’ve read.  I didn’t write enough.  Not nearly enough, but it’s something and I’m feeling brave enough to try more.

What I’ve come to realize that what I really need for 2019 is not another book challenge.  In fact, when Goodreads asks me what my new reading goal will be, I’m going to ignore it.  I’ve learned what I needed to learn.  What I need now is something that will push me with writing.  Is there a writing equivalent of Goodreads?  Something I can baby step my way up through?  I’m sure.  I’ll look for it.  For now, I’ll enjoy the rest of the year and read at whim.



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