Books #71, #72, #73, #74 and #75: The Leadership Education Library

In case you haven’t noticed from the piles of posts referencing homeschooling, that’s a thing I do.  This is my ninth year, and I’ve read just about every book, website, or resource about homeschooling out there.  I’ve tried most of them too.  If it doesn’t resonate with me or my kids, I ditch it and if it does, we keep it and adjust where needed.  So far we’ve been happiest following the leadership education model, probably because its core values are individualized learning, mentors and classics.

There are many writers out there putting out good books on this philosophy, but the ones I’ve read this year were all written by Oliver DeMille, either with his wife, Rachel, or colleague, Shanon Brooks.  DeMille has dubbed his brand on leadership education as Thomas Jefferson Education, or TJEd, but I’ve heard it called classical education, unschooling, liberal arts education, and others.  The books I read this year were The Phases of LearningTJEd for TeensWhat’s so Great About the Classics?19 Apps: Leadership Education for College, and Hero Education.  All excellent, all covering aspects that were of interest to me, and all worth reading.  None of them were the backbone text, A Thomas Jefferson Education, that I first read four years ago, because I just read it late in 2017.  It didn’t make it for the 2018 accounting.

I love this philosophy because it’s research-based, has stood the test of time over the millennia, and it works for us.

Goodreads ratings: 4/5 stars, depending on how applicable it felt in the moment, or how difficult of a read it was.


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