Book #76: Goldenhand

For the holiday break, I wanted something familiar, comfortable and cozy to read. Goldenhand by Garth Nix hit the spot. It’s the final book in the Old Kingdom series, fourth after Sabriel, but counted as number five because of the prequel Clariel.

I love this series so much and have gone on too much on RHE about it, but I do have to say that Nix’s writing got better as the series went on.  That’s pretty typical, but it was never bad or juvenile to begin with.  The fact that is got even better just blows my mind.

Now I’m looking for the next vacation read.  I might troll the basement of RHE to find the next book, see if it stands the test of time.  Some books don’t.  A book that meant something at the time now feels silly or childish, or I have changed as a reader and now I see how poorly written it is, or full of fallacies and inconsistencies.  I’ve had excellent luck so far this year with the books I’ve read and re-read.  Most everything has been 4- or 5-star material.  I guess it’s not luck, though.  I’ve been very deliberate about what I read and if I don’t feel pressured or I catch a whiff of it being not worth my time, I don’t read it.  I stacked the deck.

We’ll see what else I can sneak in before the end of the year.  I’ll do a quick summary of the best.  I’ll limit it to just five star books, so it doesn’t get too long, but it might still be a whopper post.  Not a bad problem to have.

Goodreads rating: 5 stars



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