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Books #68 & #69: Way to Be! and True to the Faith

Most mornings, my kids and I meet together to have a short devotional before we start our school day.  It usually involves something related to our faith, followed by a prayer.  I’ve done a million different variations on this.  Most of the year was spent reading definitions from True to the Faith, a book published by our church that acts like a glossary of terms.  It’s designed to be a co

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Book #58: Dragonwatch: The Wrath of the Dragon King

The sequel to Brandon Mull’s first Dragonwatch book, which I briefly reviewed here, was just as fun, action-packed and great as a read aloud as expected.  I love enjoying these books as a family, all experiencing the highs and lows together.  To top it off, we went and met Brandon Mull at a book signing in Portland a few days after we finished reading it.  My kids hammered him with questions,

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Book #42: Pride and Prejudice

It was an ambitious project, but I decided to read Pride and Prejudice aloud to my kids.  It seems ridiculous to give a summary of the book, so I won’t.  Instead, I’ll tell you a story about why I decided to read it out loud instead of just read it to myself, which was my original plan. Oliver DeMille, an education expert, tells a story of when he was teaching college.  The class was abo

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Book #38: 100 Cupboards

In this great big world, there are more books than I can possibly ever read, though I’m sure gonna give it a try.  I’m grateful for people out there who are digging through the piles and finding the gems.  Sarah Mackenzie, whose books I’ve reviewed here and here and whose blog I regularly read, is a pile digger and I trust her selections.  One day I was perusing the shelves at my local us

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Book #33 The Family Under the Bridge

I read The Family Under the Bridge by Natalie Savage Carlson to my 11- and 8-year-olds, based on the recommendation from The Read-Aloud Family.  It’s about an old Parisian man, Armand, who lives as a vagrant, happily and by choice.  He encounters a young mother and her three small children, who have lost their father and their home, and then his spot under the bridge.  He begrudgingly starts

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