Jenny spent most of her life practicing her violin, studying and writing music, but after college remembered that she also loved to read.  She moved across the country with her husband and newborn daughter and devoured every single Dick Francis novel she could find in the tiny county library.  She branched out from there and quickly became a book addict.  Late nights with small children helped feed that habit and with six kids in fifteen years, she spent a lot of late nights reading.  So, so many.  Later, after another cross-country move, a friend asked for some book recommendations, but she couldn’t for the life of her remember what she’d been spending all those nights reading.  Thus, a blog was born.  It started out as a way to keep track and share what she was reading, but now she does it for the fun of it.  Her kids have joined the reading fever and have added their own recommendations to her growing stack of books.  She should get caught up in the next decade or so.

Having grown up in a family of voracious readers, books have always been an important part of Caren’s life. There was even a time when she cherished ambitions of becoming an author herself. But a few college courses in Creative Writing made her realize that her dream wasn’t strong enough to face the rigors of negative critiques necessary to become really good. (At least for now.) For several years while she started her family, reading took a back seat to teething babies, grocery shopping, and housework; a guilty pleasure that she never had time to indulge in. Until a friend reminded her that if she wanted to raise a family of readers, she had to make time for it herself. Now as a busy mother of six young children, she loves opening new worlds to them through the power of books. She has joined a neighborhood book group to expand her own reading horizons. And she enjoys contributing to Red Hot Eyebrows as a way of sharing the love.